Sustainable, Organic, Local

The “SOL Principles”

The name of our company, Sol Pops, has several layers of meaning. "Sol" is Spanish for sun, which is an homage to our culinary heritage in Latin America. Sol Pops also give Portland a little sunshine, even when it’s gray outside. Plus, making and selling the pops is good for our "souls" too, because it makes us happy to make you happy.

On another level, "SOL" is also an acronym that stands for "Sustainable | Organic | Local". These SOL Principles form the core of our company’s vision, and we think about them with every decision we make as we grow and evolve.

We recognize that we will not always be able to utilize sustainable business practices, but we are committed to searching for new and innovative solutions and to implementing them wherever we can. Below are a few of the ways we have worked to demonstrate our commitment to our community and to sustainability:

Pop! In the Name of Love! - Alternatives for Food Sensitivities

We offer pops sweetened with agave or fruit cider in addition to pops containing organic evaporated cane juice so that people with food allergies, diabetics, raw foods enthusiasts, and mothers trying to limit their children’s sugar intake can all enjoy Sol Pops.

Since our ingredients are primarily whole fruit and juices, people with a wide variety of food allergies can enjoy them. We had one mother last summer who would buy dozens to keep in her freezer because her kids were allergic to almost everything, and they would feel left out when the ice cream truck came by. Over the course of the summer, the other kids actually started getting jealous of the Sol Pops!

People who like natural and organic foods appreciate Sol Pops because of where we source our ingredients, and since our water-based pops contain relatively little sugar and are mostly fruit and juice, they usually contain only around 50 calories.